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Cars & Bikes

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Cars and Bikes
Girls and boys love playing with toy cars, and at Kidstuff we have a wonderful range of colourful and exciting cars for children of all ages. From the pull back and let go kind to the more complicated Meccano motorbike set for older children, Kidstuff have an extensive assortment of toy cars and bikes to suit even the fussiest of budding racing car drivers.

Many children spend a significant amount of time in the car going to and fro with their parents, so it’s no wonder they want to incorporate toy cars into their everyday playtime activities. Children will mimic during playtime what they see you do in the car too, and as they observe the world around them they will learn about specific road signs too.

There are so many different ways that you and your child can enjoy playing with toy cars and bikes. Creating your own ramps using books is a great way to start the fun. You can even create a sensory tray full of different items like beads and rice, and watch as your little one moves their car around the tray, making tracks and picking up the different noises they can hear as their car touches the different items.

Inspiring individuality and rewarding curiosity
At Kidstuff it’s our aim to stock only toys that will inspire your child’s individuality and reward their curiosity. Building your child’s imagination is extremely important, which is why we provide them with high quality toys that allow them to explore and learn more about topics they’re interested in. When you buy Kidstuff products, you are helping your child to further develop their thinking and curiosity about the world around them.

For generations now Kidstuff has supplied children and parents alike with the highest quality toys, games, and novelty items. And even now that we have more than 20 physical store locations around Australia as well as a comprehensive online store, our commitment to selling the best toys and gifts for a Brighter Child still remains at the core of the Kidstuff ethos.

Browse our range of toy cars and bikes online now
If you’re looking for some fun toy cars for your little motorist, then look no further than our extensive collection of high quality toy cars and bikes.

Check out our online store today, and rest assured that when you purchase a product with Kidstuff you will experience the wonder and excitement your kids do when receiving a new toy.