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Skateboarding was originally born in the early 1950s. Since its inception its popularity has grown in leaps and bounds, not only as a recreational activity for kids but also as an artform, a job, and a useful mode of transportation.

Since the 1970s skateparks have been constructed in cities where the sport has become exceptionally popular, and in Australia this was particularly true during the 1970s and 1980s. With the invention of different types of skateboards, including the iconic banana board, kids and adults alike have enjoyed cruising around and performing tricks using skateboards.

Kidstuff skateboards
At Kidstuff we are all about providing high quality outdoor sporting equipment and accessories. We’ve searched the globe to find the best quality and finest style skateboards on the market, so when you purchase a skateboard for your child from Kidstuff you know you are buying a well made and finely crafted board that will last.

We are advocates for fun sporting equipment that encourages children to get outdoors and enjoy physical activity. It’s important that kids enjoy a balanced amount of indoor and outdoor play activities which help develop and stimulate their mind and their body.

We search the world to find unique and prestigious toys that inspire individuality, reward curiosity, and encourage development through play. If a toy doesn’t do that, we simply won’t stock it - it’s that simple. 45 years from when we first opened our doors we still hold a strong commitment to selling the best toys and gifts for a Brighter Child as the core of our business ethos.

Customer service with a difference
At Kidstuff we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service in our stores, over the phone, and online. We understand that it’s not always easy looking for gift ideas for kids of any age, and so we make it our mission to be as helpful as possible. If you aren’t sure what type of skateboard to purchase for your child, let us be of assistance.

Has your child shown an interest in skateboarding? Or perhaps they’ve made it clear that a skateboard is on the top of their birthday wishlist? Either way, you’re sure to find the ideal premium skateboard for your child now online at the Kidstuff web store.