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Educational Resources

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Educational Resources
Games and toys that encourage learning through play are the building blocks of a child’s education, which is why at Kidstuff we have the biggest and best range of educational resources you’ll find anywhere. All of these products are designed to help your child develop their skills in an educational way.

Why buy from Kidstuff?
The educational resources we stock at Kidstuff are chosen because they tick all the right boxes, and are a perfect fit with the Kidstuff philosophy. They stimulate the imagination, spark curiosity, encourage creativity, and help develop individuality - all while providing them with hours of fun.

At Kidstuff we’re committed to selling toys and games that offer more than just entertainment to a child, and since we started in 1969 in Paddington, Sydney, we’ve been scouring the world for those kinds of toys.

This has led us to source our stock not only from Australia, but also from Europe and the other great toy making regions of the world, where a belief in learning through play has shaped the creation of many of the traditional toys in these countries.

During the past 45 years, Kidstuff has grown to become the recognised ‘go-to’ store for unique and thought-provoking toys, and we now have stores in locations all across Australia as well as our comprehensive online store. We stock a wide range of prestigious toy brands, a great selection of eclectic gifts and novelties and, as you can see here, the very best range of educational toys and resources.

Start their education through play
Shopping is easy at Kidstuff, and we make learning fun for kids of all ages. You can either drop by one of our Australian store locations, or you can shop online from home.

So have a browse to check out the wonderful world of Kidstuff, and experience for yourself our commitment to a Brighter Child.