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Kidstuff Gift Cards

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Kidstuff Gift Cards
Sometimes it can be too difficult to buy for someone else’s child. Kids can change what they’re interested in on a daily basis, and if you aren’t able to keep up with all of the latest and greatest in the world of kids toys and accessories (which is a full time job in itself) it can be next to impossible to pick something that is suitable.

In instances like this, a gift card is the perfect way to go. This means that not only is the child receiving a thoughtful gift they can use, but they are also able to select the exact toy they’ve been wanting.

Kidstuff gift cards
At Kidstuff we have two different types of gift cards. The first are our virtual gift cards that can be delivered electronically via email rather than on a plastic card. Once you place your order for a virtual gift card, a personalised email is sent to your recipient (typically within a few seconds) for them to claim their virtual gift.

Using the special unique number of the Virtual Gift Card, the value remaining on the "card" can be checked online. It can be used on the Online Web store, or in any of Kidstuff's retail stores.

We also offer a Kidstuff physical gift card that is posted to the recipient along with your message. Like the virtual gift cards, the value on this gift card can be checked online at any time, and the recipient can use their gift card on the Online Web store or in any of Kidstuff's retail stores.

A thoughtful gift made easy
Gift cards are a wonderful present to receive for birthdays and Christmas. Kids love being able to select what they want, and even have fun during the shopping process too!

Kidstuff have an extensive range of exceptional toys for children of all ages, so no matter who you are thinking about giving a gift card to they are sure to find something unique and exciting when they enter one of our physical stores or when they shop with us online.

Not sure what to buy for a special someone’s birthday or Christmas present? Purchase a virtual or physical Kidstuff gift card today and let them choose the perfect gift they’ve been wanting. Browse our gift card options online now at the Kidstuff website here.