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From a very young age, children benefit greatly from playing with puzzles. With so many different themes and topics to choose from, there is a puzzle that will most certainly spark any child’s interest.

For toddlers, puzzles help develop important skills including visual spacial awareness, problem solving, and hand-eye coordination. They also help children develop important social skills when completing a puzzle together with another child. Puzzles also help build self esteem, by giving your child the opportunity to accomplish a goal by finishing the puzzle.

It has also been concluded that a child’s brain development is influenced when he or she learns to manipulate the world around them. Puzzles are a perfect way to allow a child to do this, by changing shapes and moving items around as they attempt to solve the puzzle.

As children get older, puzzles help further develop important problem solving skills and challenge the mind, as well as continue to help build self-esteem through setting and achieving goals. It’s no wonder puzzles are popular with everyone, including adults!

Kidstuff love puzzles
At Kidstuff, we love toys and games that encourage your child to learn, develop and grow, and this is why we have an extensive range of puzzles to suit different tastes and age groups. From simple puzzles for toddlers to more advanced and complicated puzzles for older children, there’s certainly a puzzle to suit every skill level.

At Kidstuff, we promise to search the world to find unique and prestigious toys that inspire individuality, reward curiosity, and encourage development through play.

With store locations Australia wide, plus a fully-stocked online store, Kidstuff continues to make shopping fun and easy for parents no matter where they live. Our strong commitment to selling the best toys and gifts for a Brighter Child is at the core of what we have been doing since we opened, and it also represents what we hope to continue for many years to come.

Shop with Kidstuff today
No matter whether you’re looking for a simple puzzle for an infant or toddler, or want something more advanced to challenge your 12 year old nephew, at Kidstuff we have an exceptional range of puzzles.

Browse our entire product range online today, and know that you are joining the Kidstuff commitment towards inspiring, encouraging, and developing your child’s mind.