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Wooden Playsets

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Wooden Playsets
Wooden playsets are nostalgic for most of us, as many parents and even grandparents remember playing with wooden playsets when they were children. Wooden toys are a classic choice for children of all ages, and are extremely durable and hard wearing. This is why you often see wooden toys being passed down from sibling to sibling, and even generation to generation.

Some things will never change no matter how advanced our technology becomes, and wooden toys are simply one of those staple childhood items that have remained popular and relevant. You can purchase a range of different wooden toys that suit your child and their interests. From wooden drumsets to dollhouses, space ships and building blocks, there’s a wooden playset to suit every child.

Kidstuff has a wonderful collection of wooden playsets
Kidstuff has been bringing a touch of childlike wonder to Australian children for 40+ years. Originally established in 1969 in Paddington, Sydney, the leafy streets and quirky terrace store fronts were an ideal fit for Kidstuff’s community values and boutique toys.

We are proud to say that we have served customers across generations, delighting young and old alike. Now with over twenty locations around Australia plus a strong online retail presence, our commitment to selling the best toys and gifts for a Brighter Child remains strong and at the core of the Kidstuff ethos.

What sets Kidstuff a part is our dedication to sourcing only the very best toys, products and accessories from around the world. We are passionate about our customers, and pride ourselves on always offering the latest and most unique, high quality items in every category on our website and in our stores. It also means keeping all of the favourite, classic toys in stock too, like wooden playsets, blocks and dollhouses.

Customer service with a difference
At Kidstuff we pride ourselves on providing outstanding customer service in our stores, over the phone, and online. We understand that it’s not always easy looking for gift ideas for young children, and so we make it our mission to be as helpful as possible.

To browse the full range of wooden playset products that we have available, check out the comprehensive Kidstuff online store today. We’ve got something to please the whole family in our treasure trove.