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Animal Figures & Accessories

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Animal Figurines and Accessories
Do you have a keen zoologist on your hands? Or perhaps a budding farmer or veterinarian in the making? If your child loves animals, we have an awesome collection of animal figures and accessories they’re sure to thoroughly enjoy!

When playing with animal toys, you want your child to enjoy playing with well made, anatomically correct figures so they can also learn more about the animals they love while they play.

Learning about animals is an important topic for all children to be familiar with, and it’s not difficult to teach as most children just love different animals and learning about the exotic creatures that live in different parts of the world.

Kidstuff animal figures and accessories
From about the age of 5 and up, make believe play by children becomes a little more sophisticated, often involving the use of animal and other figures to play roles. Children can use creative license to come up with as many different scenarios as they like, playing the roles of different animals or characters in their own story, even changing voices or making different animals noises for each figurine. This form of 'mature make believe play' is important for your child's development, as it helps them to discover their own self-regulation skills.

At Kidstuff we search the world to find unique and prestigious toys that inspire individuality, reward curiosity, and encourage development through play. That’s why we understand and actively promote the importance of play with animal figures and accessories.

For 40+ years now, Kidstuff has been bringing only the highest quality toys to Australian families. What sets us apart is our dedication to only selling toys and gifts for a Brighter Child. This aim remains at the core of what we do.