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Watches & Clocks

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Watches and Clocks
Is your child learning to tell the time? Buying them a clock for their room or a watch they can wear will make the perfect present. At Kidstuff we have a range of learning toys as well as bedroom clocks and watches ideal for children of all ages.

Teaching your child how to tell the time is made easier with a specific learning device that helps you explain how to identify the big and small hand, and what happens in their own personal routine during different times of the day. Toy clocks like the ones we sell at Kidstuff promote dexterity, hand/eye coordination and manipulation, not to mention important critical thinking. They also serve to introduce logic while helping children to understand cause and effect.

For older children, having a watch helps your child keep track of the time so that they can learn and practice being on time. It will also help them to follow their own personal routine. You can help your child to learn and develop their own time telling skills by requesting the time from them using their new watch.

The Kidstuff commitment
We are dedicated to selling the best toys and gifts for a Brighter Child. This has always been and will continue to remain at the core of the Kidstuff ethos. Outstanding customer service, strong community connections, and delightful heritage flavour has made Kidstuff a one-stop-shop for that elusive and unique gift for 40+ years – and it will be for 40 more.

We place an emphasis on high quality, innovative, educational toys and accessories for kids. Our criteria is that they inspire your child’s curiosity, and help them develop important skills they’ll need later in life.

All of the best toys and accessories in one central location
Kidstuff online is your one stop shop for everything from clocks and watches to outdoor sporting equipment and baby shower gifts. We carry only the very best products from around the world across all categories, so no matter what you are looking for you can be sure that it meets strict guidelines to become part of the Kidstuff online store.

We want to make shopping online for your child easy by making it simple to search and find what you’re looking for.

Searching for a toy clock, bedroom clock or watch for your child or for a gift? Search online at Kidstuff now and check out our range of high quality toys, clocks and watches.