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Reading regularly to a child not only helps with language and early reading skills, but is a great way to expand and stimulate the imagination. Picture books are the first step in the literary journey – something Kidstuff takes seriously!. We stock only the most inspiring and thought-provoking children’s picture books around, including international and Australian picture books. Browse our extensive selection to find your favourites or something a bit unique.

Kidstuff’s Commitment to Creative Children
Here at Kidstuff, we believe that having the right toys is essential for early childhood development. Since 1969, we have been committed to providing parents with only the most inspiring, educational and fun toys on the market. Our motto, ‘for a brighter child’ determines our selection of toys, games, books and crafts. If a toy doesn’t reward constructive play, stimulate the imagination and inspire creativity, we simply won’t stock it.

Find the creative toy for your child
Toddlers and small children will enjoy our standard board books or touch-and-feel books, while wooden puzzle books are designed to get a child thinking. No matter what a child enjoys, take a look at Kidstuff’s picture story books for the perfect gift!