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Children develop their attitude to reading very early on. That’s why it’s so important you read to your child from a very young age, even as a baby. Reading books is a wonderful pastime that helps children develop their imaginations as well as their reading skills, both of which are important tools they will need for the rest of their lives.

Having a set time of day that you and your child can share your love of books together through reading aloud is ideal. At bedtime, a story can be the perfect bribe for getting your little one into bed and ready to sleep. If your child is of school age and is constantly bringing home ‘readers’, ensuring they take the time to read aloud to you each day will not only help with their reading skills, but also boost their confidence levels.

Books are wonderful for children of all ages to enjoy. And when it comes to books for very young children, picture books that feature numbers, shapes and animals can help toddlers learn basic concepts and ideas in an engaging, colourful way.

Kidstuff book selection
At Kidstuff, we only stock gifts, toys, and other educational items that promote our motto ‘for a Brighter Child’. We not only want to entertain kids, but also to engage them. Kidstuff does this by searching the world to find unique and prestigious toys and books that inspire individuality, reward curiosity, and encourage development through play.

Our company ethos includes such values as:

  • Unique books, toys, and gifts for a Brighter Child.
  • A lasting legacy in the Australian toy world.
  • Strong community connections.
  • Outstanding customer service.

With a huge range of items listed in our books category online, you can be sure you’ll be able to find the perfect book every time. At Kidstuff we place a big emphasis on fun, creative learning, which is why our book selection features only the best and most engaging books for children of all ages.

Kidstuff online
Want to find out more about our huge collection of the biggest and best range of educational toys and delightful eclectic gifts and novelties online at Kidstuff? Browse the Kidstuff online store today and experience for yourself our commitment to a brighter child.