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Musical Instruments & Toys

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Here at Kidstuff, our unique range of quality musical instruments for kids will inspire your child for countless hours – or make an incredible gift. From musical instruments for babies to those for toddlers and older kids, let Kidstuff’s extensive selection inspire hours of creative play.

Kidstuff’s Commitment to Creative Children
Since 1969, the team at Kidstuff have been dedicated to providing parents with the captivating educational toys they need to inspire constructive play. Our motto of ‘for a brighter child’ is the key to our product range. Simply, if it doesn’t stimulate, fascinate or teach a child new skills, we won’t stock it. And with over four decades of experience in the toy industry, Kidstuff knows what kids want.

Find the creative toy for your child
Music encourages the imagination and creativity, which is why we at Kidstuff carry such a wide selection of musical instruments for children. From drums, guitars, cymbals and percussion instruments for bigger kids to basic shakers, triangles, xylophones and wooden rhythm sets for little fingers, check out what Kidstuff has to offer.