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Cactus Watches

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Created in Australia in 2006, the Cactus brand of watches for kids and teens is inspired by the Australian landscape – the wide-open spaces, the beautiful surf beaches, the modern cities and the healthy outdoor lifestyle. The design team have more than 30 years of watchmaking experience and believe that children want clean, fresh, colourful designs and quality products suitable for an active lifestyle.  

What inspires Cactus Watches designers:

- Expressive style: filled with colour and a touch of boldness.

- Contemporary designs: Cactus watches keep up with fashion trends.

- Great value: durable and accurate timekeeping without designer price tags.

- Universal images: from sport, nature, the animal kingdom.

- Easy to read dials: on all Cactus watches.

- Girls watches: where pretty meets practical.

- Boys watches: where sturdy meets sporty.