Many people have long maintained that LEGOs are great for the physical development of a toddler, but not as much for the cognitive side of things. However according to an article on Educational Toys Guide, problem solving skills are also something that playing with LEGO offers older children.

Here is a list of a few LEGO items that are wonderful educational toys for kids:


This is a range of LEGO toys that your child can build. It exposes them to everyday things they see, and also gives them the thrill of building something themselves.

LEGO Harry Potter Castle

This set is ideal for the Harry Potter fan. And the small parts force kids to improve their fine motor skills during play.

LEGO Star Wars

If you've introduced your child to the world of Star Wars, then this could be the ideal LEGO set for them. It's got everything from troopers to battle packs.

With clear instructions and defined goals, LEGOs build kids' ability to interpret and visualise, two essential aspects of problem solving.